Case Studies

Case 1:
L.L. is a West Coast woman in her 40ís with breast cancer and extremely painful metasteses all over her spine. She had received limited radiation therapy to reduce the pain in the thoracic spine prior to consulting me. She began artemisinin, and a variety of complementary strategies, including diet, detoxification and Kelly type proteolytic enzymes. Immediately, her energy exploded. Her pain level took a dive when she received treatment from an Edgar Cayce Foundation healer. Her comment after two weeks on artemisinin was "Last week I thought I was dying, and today for the first time in months, I believe I am going to live." Four months into therapy using oral supplements alone (no IV therapy), diet and detoxification strategies, a PET scan, the most efficient and sensitive study for spread of cancer, did not show any activity anywhere in her spine, even in places that were present before and not radiated! Further, the scan did not confirm definite cancer activity anywhere else!


Case 2:
Patient V.M. an 83 year old Toronto resident. Healthy most of her life, she now had a non-small cell lung carcinoma in the right lower lobe, considered non-resectable because of heart failure and circulatory problems. She received Artemisinin 500mg BID and Carnivora oral, via nebulizer, 5cc BID. In 4 months the tumor shrunk to 1x2 cm and her oncologist felt this represented scar tissue and declared her cancer free. (Her heart condition improved considerably with CoQ10, 600mg daily).

Case 3:
Patient F.A., an 81 year-old Californian with multiple skin cancers including one active recurrent quarter-sized lesion that had been burned 4 times previously. Topical artemisinin applied twice daily caused the large lesion to fall off within 5 days and other smaller skin cancers to regress. His wife reported the same with her skin cancers.


Case 4:
Patient D.A., a 47-year-old mechanic with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, had a 4.5 centimeter tumor on the right side of his head, with a gaping incision from a recent biopsy, and tremendous inflammatory reddening (erythema). A dose of 60 milligrams of artesunate (a metabolite of artemisinin) was administered intramuscularly (IM) for 14 consecutive days. The patient also switched to the high protein/vegetable diet. At the end of two weeks, a depression appeared at the apex of the tumor. Four weeks later, the mass was completely gone, the skull surface was smooth, the incision totally healed and the erythema virtually cleared. The patient was apparently cancer-free six months later.